As IRS Cuts Back On Audits, It Still Pays To Work With Wilton Manors Accountants

Wilton Manors accountants
The Wilton Manors accountants of Sterling Accounting can help you through all tax issues.

The number of IRS audits has dropped to the lowest level since 2002. But even as the IRS audits fewer taxpayers, it still pays to consult with Wilton Manors accountants from Sterling Accounting.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the IRS audited about one in 160 individual tax returns in…

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Fort Lauderdale Accountants News: Don’t Forget To Account For Bitcoin Gains

Fort Lauderdale accountants
Check in with the Fort Lauderdale accountants of Sterling Accounting to handle issues such as bitcoin.

The IRS has made clear it expects taxpayers to declare income from bitcoin sales. Not to worry, the Fort Lauderdale accountants of Sterling Accounting are here to help with this and every other tax issue.

According to CoinDesk, the IRS reiterated Friday that it expects taxpayers to account for their cryptocurrency…

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Wilton Manors Accountants’ Tips: Avoid An IRS Audit

Wilton Manors accountants
Follow these Wilton Manors accountants tips to avoid audit.

The Wilton Manors Accountants of Sterling Accounting know that an IRS audit is definitely unwelcome.

Fortunately, audits are a pretty rare thing. CNBC reports that of 148 million individual tax returns in 2016, just .7 percent were audited.

That’s a very small percentage. But it’s sure no fun if you happen to fall into the unlucky…

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Some Tips For Managing Small Business Finances From Wilton Manors Book Keepers

Wilton Manors Book Keepers
The Wilton Manor book keepers of Sterling accounting can help manage your business books.

Chances are pretty good that, even if you’re in business, you’re not a numbers nut. But keeping your books in order is essential to success. Hiring a professional like the Wilton Manors book keepers of Sterling accounting can help.

But there are some essential things that you can do to…

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Fort Lauderdale Accountants News: The IRS Won’t Call And Other Tips To Avoid Tax Scammers

Fort Lauderdale accountants
The IRS most likely won’t call you and doesn’t want calls from you.

If you get a call from someone saying they’re from the IRS, it’s a pretty good chance they’re trying to rip you off. That’s one tip to take to heart from a recent essay in the New York Times. Here’s another: The Fort Lauderdale accountants of Sterling Accounting can help you…

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Fort Lauderdale Accountants’ Notes: Tips For Taxes In The Gig Economy

Fort Lauderdale accountants
Fort Lauderdale accountants Sterling Accounting can help you manage money involved in taxes.

In today’s economy, the side hustle is becoming ubiquitous, and in many cases that side hustle becomes a business. That can bring with it a wonderful sense of freedom. But it also brings with it obligations such as keeping track of taxes that require the kind of expertise the Fort Lauderdale Accountants of…

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Be Aware Of Tax Changes For Business This Year

Fort Lauderdale accountants
The Fort Lauderdale accountants of Sterling Accounting can help navigate tax law changes.

We all know that tax changes mean lower rates for corporations. But there are some other changes the Fort Lauderdale accountants at Sterling Accounting think you should get your attention.

The Central Valley Business Journal has a good rundown of some of the changes. Here are some of the changes the business journal…

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Fort Lauderdale Accountants Update: IRS Takes Aim At Cryptocurrency Tax Evaders

Fort Lauderdale accountants
With more investigators looking at cryptocurrency, make sure you’re on top of taxes with Fort Lauderdale accountants Sterling Accounting.

If you’re thinking you can dodge the taxman using bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, you may want to think again. Instead, get in touch with the Fort Lauderdale accountants at Sterling Accounting.

That’s because the IRS has designated a special team to go after cryptocurrency tax evaders. According to…

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Notes From Wilton Manors Bookkeepers: IRS Warns Of Tax Scam

IRS scams
Beware of online scammers, the IRS warns. Wilton Manors Bookkeepers can help businesses navigate tax season, other issues.

The IRS has issued a warning the Wilton Manors Bookkeepers of Sterling Accounting realize and so should you. As tax season wears on, scammers are getting busy trying to rip off people.

Last week, the IRS issued a warning about the return of a specific scam. Forbes…

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Tax Time’s Upon Us And Fort Lauderdale Accountants Are Ready

Tax frustration
Tax time spells frustration for many, but not Sterling Accounting’s Fort Lauderdale accountants.

It’s tax time! For a lot of people, that brings headaches. But for the Fort Lauderdale accountants of Sterling Accounting, it’s the most wonderful time of the year.

Today’s the first day the IRS will begin accepting tax returns and the deadline this year is April 17. Here are a few tips to get you…

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