Are You Owed A Retirement Saver’s Tax Credit?

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If you’ve been putting cash away for retirement, there are ways congress is helping you save, with a retirement saver’s tax credit outlined by Forbes below:

How To Avoid Becoming A Tax Fraud Victim

The numbers are startling, with tax return fraud statistics skyrocketing over recent years; with a number of states beginning to take new measures to protect the victims. But along with new regulations there are some steps you can take to help avoid becoming a victim.

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IRS Outsourcing Debt Collection A Fraud Risk?

A change in IRS procedures are raising the alarm for many, warning of the risks that could arise from the outsourcing of debt collection. Get a rundown of the new regulations that could allow for collection agencies working for the IRS to begin making phone calls…

First Time Filing Those Taxes? What Do You Need To Know?

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“If you’re filing as single or married filing jointly with no dependents, you intend to claim the standard deduction (meaning you’re not itemizing your deductions) and your income consists only of wages, salaries, and tips; taxable interest of less than $1,500…” [ Read more here ]

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IRS Changing Up Procedures For Changing Accounting Method

New IRS reporting rules will be taking affect for many businesses around the country, the proposal is slotted to begin at the end of this year.

“The Internal Revenue Service is proposing procedures for how a taxpayer can ask for automatic consent to change an accounting method in preparation for the Financial Accounting Standards Board’s new revenue recognition standard…” [ Read more here ]