“Bill Nye the Science Guy” Takes On Disney Over Accounting And Profits

bill nye the science guy sues disney “Bill Nye the Science Guy” is taking the fight to Disney, according to Variety, claiming the media giant withheld $28 million in profit from the TV science host due to accounting mistakes…

“According to the lawsuit, Nye grew suspicious in 2008 when Disney told him he owed the studio almost $500,000 because of a whopping “accounting error.” The company sent him $585,123 for his annual profit participation in April of that year, but in July asked him to send back $496,111 because of the claimed error…” [ Read more here ]

Accounting Mistake Putting Uber In A Tough Spot

uber accounting mistake- sterling accounting Uber’s admitting to an accounting mistake – which had them paying out a reduced amount to their drivers in New York…

“The company admitted that it mistakenly was taking its fee before accounting for the 2.5 percent black car fee and taxes, which was costing drivers each trip.

For example, if a driver had a $15 fare, Uber was taking $3.75 when it really should have been taking only $3.33…” [ Read more here ]