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cutting your salary for taxes - sterling accounting

Small Business Owner? Can You Save Taxes By Cutting Your Own Salary?

cutting your salary for taxes - sterling accounting Maximize your tax savings, and don’t sweat the headache of the paperwork with the help of Sterling Accounting’s business and personal solutions. “Normally, when you receive a paycheck or earn self-employment income (reported on Schedule C of your 1040), you pay not only income taxes but also Social Security and Medicare taxes, also known as payroll or FICA taxes…” [ Read more here ]

Business Solutions To Ease The Office Work

Take the focus and time spent off of the remedial tasks of tracking and managing payroll, and let that time help you build your business’s success. The experts at Sterling Accounting can handle the books for you! From the largest business to a living room operation, Sterling Accounting has business solutions for all!

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