Choose The Right Accountants For Your Small Business

These tips can help when it comes to hiring accountants.

The accountants you work with in your small business can be much more than bookkeepers. They can be trusted advisors as well.

But you have to choose your accountants well. These tips can help you on your way to doing just that.

Check referrals

Your fellow business owners can be your guides to the best accountants.

According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, here are some tricks to getting the referrals you need, “Network and mingle at local business events hosted by your local Chamber of CommerceSmall Business Development Center, or other small business organizations. Ask other business owners for referrals and even meet accountants. Your state accounting society can also connect you to CPAs.”

Ask the right questions

There are a couple key questions to ask the accountants you speak with, including:

“What’s your experience with small business?” Every business is different. But there are common dynamics to many small businesses. According to the SBA, “Small businesses have dynamic and sometimes complex accounting needs and few resources to manage them.  An accountant who understands these dynamics and has a solid small business client base will likely serve your needs better in the long run.”

Do you do more than tax preparation? Tax preparation is a key piece of accounting. But it’s not everything, especially these days. “If you need help with tax filing, then a tax preparer is the way to go. But if you want long-term strategic advice to help you manage your small business finances, be sure to ask about the range of value-add services, such as business valuation, budgeting and forecasting, bookkeeping, risk assessment, and small business startup advice,” according to the SBA.

Whatever your accounting needs Sterling Accounting is prepared. We help clients with their most challenging issues by providing accounting and tax services, process outsourcing, transition management, contract staffing and business consulting. We serve clients with both simple and complex accounting requirements..

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