Okay, we admit that we’re a little biased on this service – we actually like doing taxes! Whether you need a simple 1040EZ tax filing or a 1040, we can handle it all for you. We provide innovative solutions for tax issues to minimize your tax liability, we find deductions commonly overlooked, and we stay up-to-date and well informed on all tax laws and legislation. It’s good to also remember that tax season comes around once every year, so good planning throughout the year is important to mitigating your tax exposure, allowing you to keep ore of what you earn! It’s a delicate balance that exists between optimizing your after-tax income and minimizing your pre-tax dollars. We offer advice on both short-term and long-term tax strategies, initiatives and investments. Our tax service is designed exclusively to help you maximize your earning power!

Sterling Tax and Accounting Services are specialists in handling all forms of tax matters for small, medium and large businesses of all kinds. We also help businesses identify often overlooked tax deductions.

For starters, here are a few common business tax deductions that many businesses overlook:

1. Start-up Cost Deductions
2. Educational Deductions
3. Vehicle Deductions
4. Equipment Deductions
5. Entertainment Deductions
6. Travel Deductions
7. Software Deductions
8. Charitable Deductions
9. Advertising Deductions
10. Legal Deductions
11. Professional Services Deductions