Five States Your Taxes Go The Furthest

There is no escaping your federal taxes, unless you want an unfriendly visit from the IRS. But there are states where you tax money goes further thanks to differing laws regarding state tax…

“While the federal tax code is uniform across the nation, state and local taxes vary widely. Seven states boast no personal income tax at all: Alaska, Florida, Nevada, South Dakota, Texas, Washington, and Wyoming…” [ Read more here ]

Anthony Bourdain Tell All About What Happens When You Don’t Pay Taxes

Skipping out on paying those federal taxes this year? Might want to sit down and listen to what TV personality Anthony Bourdain has to say after his experience. “Before Anthony Bourdain’s career took off with his best-selling memoir, “Kitchen Confidential,” the chef had zero savings and hadn’t filed taxes in a decade…” [ Read more here ]