Treasury Secretary Promises Postcard-Sized 1040 Form

Taxes could be simpler next year.

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said the IRS 1040 form for taxes being released this week will be much smaller than the current form.

“It will be a postcard, as we have promised,” he said, according to the Wall Street Journal. “Hardworking taxpayers won’t have to spend nearly as much time filling out their taxes.”

That simpler form is the result of changes to the tax code that cut taxes for some, while eliminating certain deductions.

The Journal reports:

The tax law enacted in December removed some breaks that previously took up space on the 1040, including the deduction for moving expenses. Other lines on the 1040 could be eliminated by moving them to separate forms or schedules.

For millions of taxpayers, a larger standard deduction will simplify tax filing because they won’t need to track charitable contributions and other itemized deductions. Other complex areas of the tax law, including the earned-income tax credit and tax breaks for education, were largely unchanged.

These changes are already in effect for tax year 2018, and taxpayers will submit their returns under the new system beginning in early 2019.

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