How Much Spending Is Going On At The IRS

The Internal Revenue Service collects unfathomable amounts of money for our government every year, but where are those tax dollars going? While working to pay our government officials, protect our country, and more – there turns out there is also a lot of wasted spending going on…

New Scoring Model Headed To Credit Bureaus

What’s your credit score? Credit bureaus are shaking up the way we borrow money, looking to change up their scoring model. “A new credit scoring model — expected to roll out in fall 2017 — aims to more accurately measure credit risk by using more historical data and machine-learning techniques while culling less reliable information….” [ Read more here ]

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What Do Americans Think Of Taxes?

Taxes are an undesirable but necessary evil in life. But working your way through the paperwork is only the first offense – what do Americans think of how much they are paying out every year?

“In a broad sense the majority of Americans don’t find the tax system fair with 56% describing it “as either not too fair (29%) or not fair at all (27%).” Only 2% consider the system “very fair,” while 40% think it’s “moderately fair…” [ Read more here ]

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“The season got off to an especially slow start partly due to a new law that delayed refunds for some filers. The gap has narrowed somewhat, but as of April 7 almost 4 million fewer people had filed than at the same point a year ago…” [ Read more here ]